For our artist Billy Lockett’s upcoming EP release (Reflections), we executed a full digital and physical product branding, design and manufacturing from start to completion.

Deliverables included:
– Digital artwork for the EP
– Digital artwork for each single
– Physical vinyl sleeve artwork
– Vinyl stickers
– CD onbody
– CD Digisleeve
– CD Booklet



Initial discussions between the client (Billy), the photographer and ourselves began by brainstorming themes and ideas for the artwork and overall branding of the EP. We explored multiple colour schemes and locations for photo shoots, before deciding on the final purple, fuzzy aesthetic.

We wanted the artwork to match the meaning behind the EP, reflecting on Billy’s past and how he is no longer the same person. The songs were written during a time when Billy was not in a positive place. Now that he is no longer in that place, he can reflect and think about how far he has come.

Thus, we settled on the edgy reflected/cut image layout in the final artwork.

From there, we developed multiple ideas for the different physical products, ensuring to abide by manufacturing best practices to maximise the quality of the final product.

With the guidance of our expert product manager, we managed to stay on target with all timelines, despite turbulent waters due to Brexit.

In addition, we managed to reduce our impact on the environment by choosing recycled materials where possible, removing plastic shrink-wrap from our order, and removing other elements of plastic where possible from all of our physical products.

Positive environmental impact a key value at Whole Entertainment, especially as we strive towards becoming carbon negative over 2021 and beyond.

The end result was a product that the artist loved. The artwork and branding stood out (especially when compared to the client’s previous catalog), and the client stated that it represented his personality and character in an interesting, yet refreshing, way.

We couldn’t be happier with the result, and we’re constantly looking for new and insane ideas for upcoming artwork and physical projects to help realise our client’s visions.