Plant-based diets encouraged.

Plant based diets are heavily encouraged in the home and office although we also advocate for regenerative farming where meat is a must.

Green Pensions.

We switched all staff over to ethical and eco friendly pension schemes.

Offsetting our website emissions.

We switched to a green web server host to reduce the carbon footprint of our website.

Green energy suppliers.

We use green energy suppliers for homes and will have in our offices if/when were ever back in them.

Encouraging our clients to help enact change.

We encourage our clients to carry out environmental initiatives like tree planting, carbon off-setting, plastic reduction with physical and merchandising sales, also as a way to raise awareness around combating climate change.

We’ve gone paperless!

Must we say more on this?

Sustainable products.

We buy products that are ethical and sustainable whenever possible or even better, buy second hand / preloved.

Reducing and offsetting travel.

We reduced travel a lot in 2020 (bad joke)… but are also planning to keep unnecessary travel to a bare minimum moving forward using ground transport wherever possible and will off-set any unavoidable company flights by 200%.