Love Mafia

Full Brand Development

Following hours of calls with the artist, we developed an entire global music, lifestyle and activism brand. Working with design teams and strategists, we managed to achieve the client’s initial vision, and then enhance it to better reflect the imagery and values we set out to instill with this new music brand. We also developed a unique lead generation landing page to build hype and collect emails.

Physical Product Design

The client specified a requirement for physical merchandise to be available close to immediately upon launch of the project. The initial plan was to offer the product at live events. We worked closely with a mask designer to develop a captivating, standout product. Careful research into material selection was paramount to ensure we stayed within our parameters regarding sustainability, biodegradability and locally sourced.

Brand Deck Development

After the initial brand was born, we needed a way to get artists, investors and other key members onboard. We developed a detailed, yet concise, brand deck to show off what Love Mafia is all about.

Music Creation & Coordination

We selected the perfect producer from our network to work directly with the client at their studio. The result was a series of catchy and heartfelt songs that achieved the audio vision that the client set out to bring into fruition.

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