Emma Danelon

Understanding Emma’s Needs

We listened deeply to Emma’s ambitions and artist career goals during a series of initial calls. We dived deep into what excited Emma within the music industry, and where she sees herself in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and beyond. We tried to understand what made Emma ‘tick’, where her competencies lie, and where she could perhaps use help. We listened to her campaign plans and took meticulous notes regarding her campaign goals for her first release of 2021.

Crafting Plans

From there, we could craft the perfect release plan, covering everything required to push Emma to her goals, whilst understanding that she is one person with very limited time. We chose ‘high-impact’ areas where Emma could leverage her time, but still strive towards her ambitious, yet achievable, KPIs.

Mastermind Call

We conducted a mastermind call with Whole Entertainment’s Directors, Jamie and Ross. During the call, Emma had all of her questions about the music industry answered. Discussions ranged from overarching strategy and long-term career, plan, to social media branding, promotion and viral content.


Emma wanted to further develop her ‘sound’. Upon listening to her references and the way she talked about her ‘vision’, we selected the perfect producer to work with Emma on her upcoming EP. Initial meetings went well, and they are now successfully diving into the music.

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