When you look into the future, what do you see?

A loyal following?

A music release partner?

A record deal?

A consistent song and content release schedule?

Merch sales?

Full-time income from music?

Sync placements?

Millions of streams?

Effective targeted ads on social media producing results?

How close are you?

We get it. It’s not easy.

With the combined experience of a former Director at Universal Music and the Manager of A-List touring acts, we know exactly how to get artists to where they want to be.

Our company is also partnered with some incredible people, including Max Hole CBE (former Universal Music Director) and Scooter Braun (yes, the mastermind behind the meteoric rise of Justin Bieber).

Streaming figures and playlisting, whether editorial or 3rd party, should be key to every artist’s game plan. 

Despite what you hear in the news or on social media, generating a full-time income from streaming is possible.

Our artists are an example of this.

Collectively, they’ve amassed over 1 billion streams.

On average, they’ve been included in 500 editorial playlists per year, plus over 250,000 3rd party playlists.

The majority of our artists live solely off their musical income.

Despite what you hear about low streaming rates (yes, they are very low), it’s more than possible.

Case Studies

Okay cool..

So why should *I* be excited?

We know that early into their journey,  artists feel overwhelmed with the amount of information online.

“1000 True Fans.”

“Content content content.”

“Build a culture.”

“Find your ‘why’’.”

Etc etc…

It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t…

This leads to choice paralysis, confusion, and ultimately inaction.

Confusion and inaction creates frustration. Frustration that you’re not working towards your dream.

So where do we come in?

What you won’t find here is us passing off vague tips and useless quotes as ‘consulting’.

We won’t try to sell you overpriced courses with general information.

We want this challenging industry to be fairer for all, and reward those willing to give their music career their all.

People like you.

We explore all avenues for the artists we work with.

The world of music is constantly changing, and as more things become possible we evolve and adapt to take advantage.

We know what works, and we can help you.

Our services are bespoke and entirely tailored to what you need and want.

Help from us may look something like…

Developing your dream career, step by step.

Helping you fully understand your options (labels, distributors, managers, publishers, independent).

Teaching you how to successfully manage your talented artist friends.

Or even just helping you to feel confident about releasing your music

Sounds cool, but how?

We’re offering artists 1 and 2 hour strategy calls, to streamline their journey and maximise their return on energy spent.

You’ll come away with a fully completed business plan, expertly crafted by our team, and fully tailored to your goals and vision.

We’ll also send you a premium bundle of PDFs and videos, all contain actionable information trusted by professionals, labels and successful independent artists alike.

Independent artists have, for too long, been starved of professional advice, planning and strategy.

We’re here to change that.

All talented people should have access to the tools they need to achieve their definition of success.

If you’ve made it this far, this clarity through consultation is something you need.

Not ready just yet?

Book a free 15 minute consultation first. No commitment.

We will ensure you leave the call with a greater clarity and vision regarding your potential journey as an artist.

Plus, we’ll send you an exclusive bundle of free materials (PDFs, videos etc.).

The ultimate 15 minute discovery call: